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    do you ever want to just yell in someones face to date you

    (Source: trust)

    have you ever seen someone so attractive that you can’t even look at them because it’s like you’re embarrassing yourself

    (Source: trust)


    im tired of things costing money

    Anonymous asked:
    Then maybe we should hang out sometime, if you're in Austin. I've seen you around ;)

    oh no, this means my blog has been found out, time to delete

    Anonymous asked:
    Are you going to be in Austin this summer? :)

    indeed!! might visit home for a week or two, but ill be here for the most part

    Anonymous asked:
    I'm not even the same person, but... cuddle with me.

    but its summer, you dont need me to keep you warm


    maybe i’ll be hot tomorrow 

    Anonymous asked:
    i've needed a good cuddle... but seriously... find me. XD

    omfg i seriously have no idea who you are hahaha

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